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Family Sunshine

The solar lamp that also charges your phone

The Family Sunshine is super efficient: its powerful light can illuminate your home for 26 hours. With its USB port, you can charge your phone. Moreover, it has a charging indicator to know the battery level. Multifunctional, it can be put on a table, hung from the ceiling or use to get around.


3 brightness modes, up to 270 lumens

Robust: dust and UV resistant

360° rotation

Phone charger

Charge indicator

Meets Verasol quality standards

Warranty 2 years


Family Sunshine : performances


You can

Family Sunshine : usages


  • Turbo: 270 lumens - 4 hours
  • Intense: 180 lumens - 7 hours
  • Normal: 80 lumens - 26 hours

  • Detachable polycrystalline, 3 W, 5 V

  • 3.7 V, 4100 mAh, lithium-ion battery

  • USB charging cable

  • 6 hours

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