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Solar Freeze

A pay-as-you-store solar-powered refrigerator designed to reduce food waste

In operation in Kenya, Solar Freeze provides a solution for solar-powered food storage and refrigeration service. This is chiefly aimed at farmers, enabling them to preserve their crops and increase their yield, thus helping to reduce the volume of food wasted and to feed communities in a more sustainable way.​

Meeting the requirements of the Kenyan agricultural and hospital sector

In Kenya, food waste is largely an issue affecting the agricultural sector, with grain, fruit and vegetables often lost due to a lack of storage and preservation solutions. Traditional cooling units fail to meet the needs of the country's farmers due to the unstable power grid and invariably prohibitive price of such equipment.

This solar-powered refrigeration service also meets the requirements of medical facilities, keeping drugs and vaccines cool. 

Grouping together to have access to a storage and refrigeration solution

In off-grid areas, farmers can group together to access a sustainable, collectively affordable storage and refrigeration solution. Being solar-powered, it works permanently.

The Solar Freeze payment system is based on a "pay-as-you-store" system, whereby each user pays for the quantity of food stored and storage time using an integrated mobile app. This allows farmers to optimize their harvests and storage, while also carrying out payments.


  • Social and economic value creation in rural areas.
  • Improved medical care in remote areas (refugee camps, etc.).
  • 3,000 farmers benefit, reporting at least 90% less wastage.