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Winch Energy Bunjako

24/7 access to off-grid electricity for all

This project in Uganda comprises three solar mini-grids aimed at providing electricity and a Wi-Fi connection to 6 villages on Bunjako Island on Lake Victoria. ​

A full off-grid system

To meet the requirements of isolated communities, Winch Energy designs, installs and operates containerised and remotely controllable solar solutions known as remote power units (RPUs), enabling mini-grids to be set up. The Winch Energy payment system uses smart prepayment meters to bill for the various services used. Their energy storage system provides communities with a constant power supply. They therefore ensure that both residential and business users have access to a permanent, dependable system.

Making large rural areas accessible.

Creating social and economic value at local level

The project also includes lamps, a phone charging kiosk, a community refrigeration system and access to energy in local schools and clinics, all enabling social and economic development of the local area.


  • Local communities have access to clean, sustainable electricity
  • Social and economic value creation in rural areas.
  • Over 13,500 people set to benefit.