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29/06/2021 News

Mercy Corps chooses TotalEnergies to provide clean cooking solutions for 5,000 people in Nigeria

In northeastern Nigeria, many local communities are affected by armed conflict between the Nigerian military and the terrorist organization Boko Haram.

To escape, thousands of families are forced to flee their villages. Remote areas have been hard hit by the conflict and the access to basic goods and services is drastically reduced. Among areas severely hit is the town of Damboa in Borno State, cut off from main roads and lack of food supplies, leaving families dependent on humanitarian aid.

In response, Mercy Corps has implemented the Responsive Economic Assistance to Conflict-Affected Households (REACH-4) program. This program, funded by USAID FFP (United States Agency for International Development, Office for Food for Peace), includes the distribution of energy-efficient stoves.

Traditionally, staple foods have been cooked using open fireplaces. These stoves are not very efficient, requiring a large amount of firewood to operate, and most of the energy produced is lost. By sourcing firewood outside of inhabited centers, populations are exposed to rebel army raids and life-threatening violence.

In this context, Mercy Corps has partnered with TotalEnergies to provide 5,000 clean cooking stoves for the most vulnerable populations in Damboa, Borno State.

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Providing efficient cooking solutions to make daily life easier for households

Capitalizing on our expertise in providing reliable and affordable energy access solutions, we were able to offer stoves with efficient properties and eco-friendly properties: they reduce firewood consumption by 80% and toxic emissions by 60%.

These stoves use less firewood, have a limited environmental impact and help preserve natural resources. They also improve the safety of the people responsible for harvesting the wood, especially women, as they spend less time gathering the wood and limit their travel.

But the benefits of distributing powerful stoves go far beyond. These cooking solutions also improve the health conditions of its users. Indeed, the emissions emanating from open fires, traditionally used, create domestic pollution and are responsible for respiratory problems.

A diversified offer to address energy access issues

This operation enables TotalEnergies to strengthen its collaboration with the international non-governmental organization Mercy Corps and to act as a partner capable of offering quality solutions adapted to situations of conflict and forced population displacement. 

TotalEnergies takes a global approach to the issue of energy access. To increase access to reliable, clean and affordable energy services, including for cooking, we mobilize all our know-how and experience in procurement. We constantly monitor off-grid solutions to meet any needs with one goal in mind: to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable energy to as many people as possible.

According to a recent World Bank report, more than half of the world's population still lacks access to clean, reliable and affordable energy for cooking. Often overlooked, access to a supply of cooking solutions remains just as important to improving people's lives.

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