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18/05/2020 News

Total Uganda: an initiative to maintain access to energy during lockdown

The lockdown and stay-at-home measures implemented by many countries around the world during this period of covid-19 have paused several challenges. One of them is to maintain access to energy through our solar solutions for those who need them particularly in cases of electricity shortages (homeworking & homeschooling in mind).

To address this issue, since March, Total Uganda has proposed the online sale of solar lamps via the Jumia platform. Offering online sales and logistics services in Uganda (and more generally in Africa), Jumia enables vendors to ship and deliver packages to consumers.

For a countrywide reach, Total Uganda is partnering with other local home delivery service providers via secured mobile apps with geo-localization of motorbike-taxi riders who are registered on their platform. Payments for the lamps are made by the customer directly via mobile money. A really good initiative from TOTAL Uganda.

About Total in Uganda

TOTAL S.A. has been operating in Uganda since 1955. Today, Total is the leader in retail marketing of fuels, lubricants, LPG, and aviation, with an overall market share of 24% and a countrywide network of 160 service stations. We are also involved in many community outreach programs for people, with a focus on environment, education and access to energy.