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Our solar streetlights

  • Packshot street light

Reliable, durable solar lighting for public spaces that works in all climatic conditions.

Our solar street lights are fully self-sufficient and can light up remote and off-grid areas. To learn more about our range of solar street lighting products: download our brochure and discover our offer

Advantages of solar streetlights

Streetlight_ saving

Saving: guaranteed savings, no energy expenses and no maintenance for 10 years!

Streetlight_ autonomy

Autonomy: a 100% solar solution, independant from the electricity grid and its overloads: no blackout. 

Streetlight_ power

Power: high performance levels in terms of lighting and autonomy to adapt to all projects.

Streetlight_ plug and play

Plug and play: It takes less than 10 minutes to install and turn on.

Multiple benefits and innovative features

Streetlight_ battery

High performance battery & smart storage

  • smart energy management system: to enhance the battery's life-cycle
Streetlight_ led

High powered LED module:

  • best lumen/watt ratio available on the market: up to 175 lm/W
Streetlight_ solar panel

High-efficiency solar panel

  • optimized thermal management
  • self-cleaning solar panel: unique dustproof coating
Streetlight_ extreme conditions

Designed for extreme conditions:

  • suitable for all climates: the widest operating temperature range on the market

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