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In operation in Togo and Benin, this is a solar nanogrid project that aims to produce power for five to eight households per system. Each household has its own energy meter and is invoiced via pay-as-you-go mobile payments according to use.

Grouping together to enjoy clean and affordable electricity

In villages that are off-grid, inhabitants can group together to supply their home or business with power thanks to a SolergieBox. The SolergieBox is a solar-based energy system which enables up to eight users to be connected to create a small power grid, or nanogrid. The box is installed in the most centrally positioned home and 500 meters at most from each connected household to provide optimal power to all customers. Solergie’s payment system is based on reimbursement of the box as well as on each user’s energy consumption – each user has a clean energy meter and is invoiced according to their consumption.

Growth adapted to local needs

The SolergieBox has been designed as a modular system and can be extended to meet local needs. An extra solar panel and/or battery can be added to increase grid output. Over time, the grid can become large enough to power the entire village.  The advantages in terms of quality of life and economic activity are immediately apparent.

Becoming a stakeholder and owner of a renewable energy grid.

Enough energy for homes and small businesses

The 220V SolergieBox can power homes as well as small businesses. Inhabitants can start a business, whether to sell their farm produce or the goods they manufacture, thanks to being able to power fridges, irrigation pumps, lamps, sewing machines and so on. They can also have better access to information thanks to radio and television, and can charge their phones more easily. 


  • Local communities have access to clean, sustainable electricity
  • More than 420 operational systems
  • Around 15,000 people set to benefit