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A water-powered generator ON THE CONGO RIVER

Currently in the pilot phase, the project aims to supply energy to communities living along the Congo river. A current turbine connected to a moving barge powers a new Essential Services Unit tailored to one village’s energy needs, such as for lighting, refrigeration, water purification and the processing of farm produce.

A water-powered generator for supplying villages with electricity

Hydro-Gen is a complete hydropower system for powering the essential services of a whole village. This energy, produced by turbines and the water flowing past a floating barge, will provide villagers in areas that are off-grid with access to green and sustainable energy.

Hydropower made simple and accessible to a whole village

Tried-and-tested technology, with no environmental impact

Since 2006, Hydro-Gen teams have been testing and developing technology that will meet the needs of local communities without impacting the environment. The different results have led to the development of high-performance, low-cost and reliable technology that supplies users with all the power they need, 24/7.


  • Local communities have access to clean, sustainable electricity
  • Value creation in rural areas