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Incubation projects

Economic and social innovation enabling access to energy is a key driver for development in emerging countries.  Access To Energy Solutions identifies and supports developers of innovative technologies and business models.
The solutions identified concern different processes for the production of renewable energy such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power and biomass.

These projects are innovative in many respects: 

  • Decentralized or "off-grid" distribution: mini-grids, nanogrids, individual systems, etc.
  • Usage: besides lighting, projects may concern cooking, mobility, irrigation, farming, micro-production (kiosks) and related services (WiFi, etc.).
  • Payment scheme: pay-as-you-go, microcredit, etc.

In addition, supported projects aim to develop the capabilities of local stakeholders with a view to ensuring the long-term viability of these experimental technologies and services.

They may also be incorporated into the catalog of solutions deployed by TATES.

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